Arthur Rock (High Priest)--Five Sermons (CD-MP3 Format)

Arthur Rock (High Priest)--Five Sermons (CD-MP3 Format)

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In the past, we sold the five sermons of Arthur Rock on five different CDs, selling for $11 each.  

All five sermons are now on one CD in MP3 format.  They are:  "Blueprint of the Ages," "Clothesline Sermon" (Nov. 27, 1983), "Testimonies and Experiences" (July 28, 1973),  "Why Zion" (June 17, 1979, and "Woodshed Sermon" (Dec. 21, 1980). 

Brother Rock served the Church as an appointee minister, radio minister, and held the office of High Priest. 

"Blueprint of the Ages" includes segments on the cloud over Zion and passing through the tribulations.

"Testimonies and Experiences" is filled with some of Brother Rock's spiritual experiences, and talks about the troubling days in which we live--including a vision where he saw buses pull up beside the Auditorium and many people evacuating the building and getting on those buses, 

In "The Woodshed Sermon," Brother Rock talks about Enoch's vision, what the prophets saw coming in the world, how the wicked one is at work, and how we have treated lightly the words of God.

(Note that most cars can play CDs in MP3 format.  However, there are some older portable CD players that may not be able to play this format.)

Also available on USB flash drive.  (See 90105068.)