Articles about Church Issues

  • Why Independent Restoration Branches Must Remain Independent (PDF), by Vance Snively
    A summary of the Restoration branches movement within the RLDS Church and why they must remain independent until the Lord brings His Church into full order by restoring its legitimate higher quorums. This article appeared in Vision 115 (June 2023), pages 14–18, and it is a slight revision (by the author) of the same article appearing in Vision 99 (June 2019), pages 12–16. (Newly posted 7-03-23.)
    (If you need a PDF reader, download and install Adobe Reader.)
  • God's Pattern to Establish His Church (PDF), by Vance Snively
    The pattern God uses to either establish His Church or to set it in order. (Newly posted 3-18-23)
  • The Next Prophet (PDF), by Vance Snively
    This article discusses the lineage requirements for the next Prophet of the Reorganization. (Newly posted 3-18-23)