Using the Menu Bar

The menu bar is at the top of the home page and all other pages in our site. It is the main navigation to all of the the products for sale on our site, as well as the free information (designated as "online" in the menu item name). Please note that the main-menu item of "Articles Online" is still under construction.
To use the menu, hover your mouse pointer over a main-menu item. If no sub-menu appears, click the main-menu item to go to that page. If a sub-menu does appear, move your mouse pointer to the sub-menu item that you desire and click it to go to that page. Sub-menus will disappear when you move your mouse pointer off of them. If you do not wish sub-menus to disappear, click the main-menu item associated with the sub-menu. The sub-menu will remain visible until you click elsewhere on the page. The menu bar has over thirty main-menu items. To get them all to appear, hover your mouse pointer over, or click on, the "MORE" main-menu item, which is the last item on menu bar at the top of the page. What appears to be a sub-menu will appear. While this is actually a part of the main menu, it acts like a sub-menu as far as its appearance or disappearance from the page. You will find that it also has sub-menus associated with various links that will take you to our products.