Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy--Volume 3 (Paperback), by Richard and Pamela Price

Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy #3 (Paperback), by Richard and Pamela Price

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Volume 3 is a continuation of both Richard and Pamela Price's life's work.  Their son, David Price, assisted in the preparation of this volume.  Well over half of a century in the making, this volume firmly establishes that (especially during 1842-1844 at Nauvoo) men and women nearest to Joseph increasingly turned against him and entered into multiple polygamy-related conspiracies against him.  Some did so to falsely attach polygamy to Joseph's name and to so weaken him through defamation that they could take over the Church.  Others did so in order to enrage outsiders into a state of riot to destroy the Church.  Yet others did so to vex Joseph so that he would succumb to their demands to change the Church so that it would officially embrace polygamy.  

These conspiracies included not just harmful words aimed against Joseph, but criminal acts too--including sabotage, racketeering, fraud, forgery, riot, false arrest, assault, death threats, and murder!  Also of note in this volume is inclusion of the newest DNA evidences that refute the Utah LDS Church's long-standing fable that Joseph fathered children by polygamous wives. 415 pages.