"This Church Will Triumph"

By Patriarch I. N. White

Isaac N. White was an outstanding elder, seventy, apostle, and patriarch in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was a patriarch at the time he bore the following testimony at the Stone Church—that the Lord had assured him that in spite of opposition, trials, difficulties, and falling away of members, the Church would triumph and be victorious. His testimony is found in Zion's Ensign, November 7, 1918, pages 9–10.

I have had many [testimonies] . . . and I have got one that I just received a few days ago. I took an extract from my diary just before I left because I thought I might need it. You remember when we were on the lawn [of the Stone Church] last Sunday night here, and while the choir was singing the last song before dismissal, "The angel message"—let me just give you the experience. When the power of God came unto me that my soul was lifted up by that wonderful Spirit, I looked around about me. I felt the glowing influence of the Spirit coming upon me at that time. I did not care to make a show of myself there, but as they sang:

"I have found the glorious gospel that was taught in former years,
With its gifts and blessings all so full and free;
And my soul is thrilled with gladness, and banished are my fears,
Since the precious angel message came to me."

Then when the chorus was sung:

"Then praise the Lord, O my soul!
Abundant mercy, oh, how free!
In joyful song my spirit doth accord,
Since the precious angel message came to me."

Then I felt that influence, just like a funnel, fall over me as I sat beside my wife, and heard a voice speak to me and these were the words, as the Spirit rested upon me: "This Church will triumph. Though some will fall away, yet the Church will move forward to victory."

And when the dismissal was had, I went off the lawn by the way of the Order of Enoch [building], and felt that glow and influence of the Spirit until I got to my home.

That is my last and living testimony—that this Church of Jesus Christ that you people are in will live against all opposition, and trials and difficulties brought to bear against it. It is the Church of the living God, the truth, the angel message for the benefit and salvation of the honest in heart, and it will reap its thousands and tens of thousands, and this work will stand in days when the difficulties are to be encountered. For we are living in the sifting time and when people are being sifted out. You have not seen the end of the sifting yet. There will be some sad experiences; but remember that this work is a marvelous and wonderful work. My testimony is my living testimony, and this may be the last opportunity that I will ever have with these, my brethren, to bear my testimony; but let it go down in the archives of this Church that Brother White bore witness and testimony that God, only a few days ago, bore witness that this Church is the Church of God, and it will triumph against all odds, and victory will crown it as one of the truths of the angel message to the world.