The Woodland Path

The Woodland Path, by Virginia Brown

Painting by Virginia Brown

This painting is an artistic interpretation of "The Woodland Path" written by David H. Smith.

Poem by David H. Smith
Son of the Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr.

Adown the woodland path, at break of day, I love to roam,
To brush the dew drops from the fresh, green grass;
To hear the wild bird singing in his cool and shady home,
And watch the painted moths and butterflies go past.
The minnows dart along the stream;
And in the golden sunlight gleam;
The distant hills are hazy like a dream;
And all is fair, adown the woodland path.

In every nook some sight of beauty wakes a tender thought;
Some flower blooming by some old gray stone;
Or tiny bird’s nest with abundant skill and labor wrought;
Or faithful shadow over shining waters thrown.
The thickets darkly dense and still,
Where scarce the slender vine leaves thrill;—
Unbend, 0, brow! and sad heart, take thy fill
Of rest, beside the lonely woodland path.

0, bend above me, honeysuckle, blooming in the wood;
And breathe upon my face thou low, sad wind;
Whose gentle cadences will do my weary spirit good,
While care and toil, a moment enter not my mind.
The forest brings to me a balm;
Its moving gives my soul a calm;
As if the Spirit of the great I Am,
Came to me, while I roam the woodland path.

Autumn Leaves 1:129

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