Set of Three Books (Hardback Editions)

Set of Three Books (Hardback Editions)

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Purchase a leather hardback set of the 1867 Inspired Version, 1908 Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants and save $5/set. If you are not wanting a set, individual books may be purchased separately.

Gold Name Imprinting:

After you have added the above Scripture set to the shopping cart, if you desire to have a name imprinted in gold in the lower right-hand corner of each book, you may request name imprinting. When you click this link, an imprinting page will load in a new tab.  On that page, type in the name, select the font style, and add the imprinting request to the shopping cart.

The regular price for gold imprinting on three leather hardback Scripture books sold separately would be $15.00. However, imprinting the same name on each of the three books in the leather hardback Scripture set will cost only $10.00—a $5 savings.

NOTE: If you want imprinting on two or more sets, you will have to add each set separately to the the shopping cart, with imprinting chosen for each.