Eight Pillars of Evidence (DVD), by Frank Evan Frye

Eight Pillars of Evidence (DVD), by Frank Evan Frye

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NOTE:  This is a DVD for a computer.  It contains documents in pdf format, as well as slides.  Additionally, it includes a pdf copy of The Call at Evening novel.

This is a DVD that will introduce you to eight strong witnesses that support the divinity of the Book of Mormon.

The eight pillars include the following:

  • Testimony of Modern Witnesses Internal Evidences
  • Archaeology
  • Pre-Columbian Manuscripts and Legends
  • Biblical Prophecies
  • Prophetic Nature of the Book of Mormon
  • Testimony of the 12 Witnesses
  • Testimony of the Spirit of God
The 58-minute DVD has a total of over 130 slides, plus over 100 pages of support materials in pdf format and includes a pdf copy of the Call at Evening novel. You will find this a wonderful DVD to share with family and friends, and also to use in missionary work. Written, designed and produced by Frank Evan Frye.