The Restored Scriptures (CD for computer), developed by Tim Raffety

Restored Scriptures, The (CD for computer), developed by Tim Raffety

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NOTE: This CD does not work on the upgrade edition of Windows 10. It does, however, work on Windows 10 if it comes on a new computer. (Our supplier is working on a fix for it. If that is done, we will update the information to that effect.)

This CD contains a computerized PDF format of The Inspired Version of the Bible, the 1908 Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine and Covenants through Section 144. The Scriptures are presented in a manner that appears similar to the printed copies. Each book is fully text searchable. It is also possible to search all three books at once. For full functionality the following requirements are needed: Windows 98 Second Edition or higher, or Mac OS 10.02 or higher