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Update for Internet Explorer 6, Service Pack 1

According to the manufacturers of our online ordering software, if you are using Internet Explorer version 6 to access our Web site, you may experience difficulties during the order process. Specifically, during checkout, when you go to the next page, you may be redirected to a page other than the next one in the checkout process. You may even be redirected to the home page. According to Microsoft:

An identified issue may cause errors when Internet Explorer attempts to renew a connection to a server. You should apply this update if you begin to receive errors connecting to websites after you have applied the Q832894 security update to Internet Explorer.

If you are having connectivity issues including redirects during the checkout process, both Microsoft and the manufacturer of our online ordering software recommend applying this update. We are not sure when Microsoft will release the fix as an automatic Windows update. Thus, if you are experiencing this problem and you have applied the Q832894 security update to Internet Explorer 6, Service Pack 1 (SP1), you will need to go to the update instructions at Microsoft's Web site to download and install the update.

Any problems you have with the download and installation of the update should be directed to Microsoft.

How Do I Know If I Have Applied the Q832894 Security Update to Internet Explorer 6, SP1?

To determine this, in Internet Explorer click on "Help" and then "About Internet Explorer." On the information box that pops up, look at the "Version" line. If the first numeral is "6," then you are using version 6 of Internet Explorer. Next, look at the "Update Versions" line. If it shows "SP1" and "Q832894" but not "Q831167," and you are having the above problems, you should download the update (Q831167.exe) from the above "update instructions" link and install it.


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